Disclaimer: The pistol course represented here will QUALIFY you to APPLY to the proper authority in the Massachusetts city or town of your

residence,or any state that accepts the NRA Basic Pistol Course as a training requirement.  We will make no guarantee that your license will be issued as expected.  It's best that you contact your local issuing authority to familiarize yourself with the process prior to signing up and completing a course. 

GIVE IT A SHOT SESSION  No license required, get range time, a target and coaching from a certified NRA Pistol Instructor. These sessions can be for whatever you'd like to do! Start to choose a firearm, work on drills, or as a refresher! Click below to reserve your session and then message us to schedule your range time here:


PRIVATE SESSION  Designed to be customized for your firearms training needs.  You tell us what you need, we will design a training session just for you.  We can bring best practices, equipment, media and even a simulator to your site.  Intended for 1-4 people.  Larger groups can be accommodated.